Monday, June 15, 2015

And Then There Was the Alpena

It wasn't too long before the Alpena appeared.   In fact, I was still taking pictures of the Tecumseh when I saw her peak around the paper plant.
There are a few ships I like to catch as much as possible and the Alpena is one of them.
 She is classic configured laker and will hopefully be sticking around for a while as she fills a niche.
 I was setup fairly well for the headshot.
 But not quite.  That's okay because I like of like the off angle shots, they fill the frame a little better.
 She starts to make her turn for the channel.
 It seemed like she was smoking a little more than usual but that may in fact be steam.
 She passes the Blue Water Bridge.
 And turns up the channel.
I think she was heading from the city she is named after to Detroit.  After Detroit, she may have been continuing on to Toledo.  She was of course carrying cement.

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