Sunday, June 7, 2015

Part of the Day in Cleveland

I decided to head over to Cleveland yesterday.  I was hoping that I would catch a ship as she was heading into the Cuyahoga River.  I decided to take my normal route of late using Ohio Route 2 instead of the Turnpike.  I was going to stop at the Marblehead Lighthouse but when I did there were a ton of people there and I didn't really feel like battling with people to get pictures.
 So I headed to Wendy Park in hopes of getting that ship but as you can see, empty river.
 I did manage to catch a heron as it was flying over and a couple of trains but the trains are in a following post.
 A shot of the Coast Guard station, at least it was a nice day.
 From a slightly closer spot.  As I looked, the door was open and I was almost tempted to walk in but discretion got the better of me.
 Another shot of the Cleveland Skyline.   I will have to admit, the Midwest has some pretty cool skylines.
 I found another spot where I could get a different angle of the Coast Guard station.
 A shot of the pier light I normally get.
 And the other one.
 I ended up going to another spot as I was waiting for a boat that I thought was going to come out.  Kind of gave me a different angle of the city.
 I kind of like this bridge.  It is a swing bridge and it was built in 1901 by the King Bridge Company.  It seems unusual in that only part of it is over the water.
 I was wondering why there was a fence around it.  Now I know.
 Looking from around the bridge.
 I'm not sure what this building is but it looks like it may have been a depot or something at one time.
 Another view of the Bridge.
As I was waiting, I caught the Thomas Morrish which is owned by Ryba Marine.  I think she is doing some dredge work.

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