Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Passing Pictures of the Blue Water Train

As I looked at the place where I could see the train schedules, I saw that I had a chance to catch the Blue Water as it passed East Lansing.  Granted, an Amtrak train is pretty much the same, especially the trains around here, but it was nice to see a different route.
 The Blue Water Train connects Port Huron, MI to Chicago, IL using the old Grand Trunk lines and connecting with the Wolverine in Battle Creek.  It was not part of the original Amtrak system and was added in 1974.
 In 1982, the line was extended to Toronto and renamed the International Limited.  It operated in conjunction with VIA rail of Canada.  This iteration of the line lasted until 2004 when delays due to Post 9/11 security measures became unbearable for the passengers.  It was restored to the current configuration and ridership immediately improved.
 Because it uses the same line as the Wolverine, it will go to 110 miles per hour
 Like I said, it's neat to see another train even if it looks the same as the train I'm used to.  If I had gotten here about five minutes sooner, I could have caught a CN intermodal train.
 A shot of the trailing engine.
And one more shot before moving on.

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