Thursday, June 4, 2015

Barton Dam at Sunset

After dinner, I was going to go over to the Arboretum to catch the peonies again but there were a ton of people and I didn't really feel like dealing with a ton of people.  So I headed over to Huron River Drive and I decided to get some pictures of the dam.
 I like the looks of this dam.  It kind of gives me the opportunity to get some waterfall shots close to home.
 I decided to slow the shutter speed a bit to get the blurred look.
 I think I like it a little better close up like this.
 A shot from another angle.
 I decided to head up to the catwalk to get some pictures looking down.
 A shot of the catwalk.  I was hoping for a leading line shot.
 Looking down at the other side.  I kind of liked how the water was shooting out the side a little bit.
 With a faster shutter speed.
 Just looking down the lake.
And a daisy.

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