Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Next up, the Herb Superb

 It wasn't long before the next ship made an appearance.   Unfortunately, I was at the wrong end of the island to use my drone because of the Tiger's game.  As a result, I didn't get any drone shots of her but I still liked the pictures I got.

The Herbert C. Jackson was heading to the steel mill on the Rouge River.
She's always a nice ship to catch and early in the afternoon is a good time to catch her passing Belle Isle when she's heading downbound.
Anyway, because of her destination, she would be carrying taconite.
Taconite are the purified iron pellets.
And she would be coming down from Marquette.
It was a pretty nice day but a little on the warm side.
The clouds were pretty cool though.
The beam shot.
And she passes by.
A stern shot.
She is registered in Wilmington, Delaware, which is a port she is never likely to see.  Actually, she will never see it because she is too large to pass through the Welland Canal.
After taking pictures of the other ships, I decided to head over to the Rouge River.
Except it seemed that there was an issue with the railroad bridge, so I couldn't get any other pictures of her.  But the Patricia Hoey was doing donuts to head out.

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