Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Snowy Wolverine on a Sunny Day

Yes it's another set of pictures of the Wolverine but it was actually nice and sunny today.  Later I will have some basketball pictures.  So here goes.
 Waiting for the train.  Sadly, I was kind of shooting towards the sun for this.  But anyway, a peaceful looking Depot Town.  Today was kind of nice because I wasn't getting my car stuck in the snow or anything like that.
 The long view of the freight house. 
 The train as it passes the Depot.  It would be really nice if it were stopping at the depot instead of just passing it by.  Maybe someday this will be opened again.
 We got a light dusting of snow, so the train is kicking some of that up.  I think it makes for a pretty cool looking train picture.
 The train gets closer.  I really like the snow kicking up on this.
 A shot of the engine itself.
 The train passes by and I get a little snow on myself.
And probably my favorite shot of the series.

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