Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs. Central Michigan

So I went to the Eastern Michigan basketball game last night.  It is getting pretty close to crunch time for the Eagles and it appears that they need to win the rest of their games to even have a chance at a favorable seed in the MAC tournament.  That plus the fact that the game was against our hated rival from Mount Pleasant made it a key game to go to.

For the first half of the game I decided to shoot from up in the stands.  For the most part I was not happy with the pictures I took from there.
 Mike Talley dishing the ball for a dunk...
 ....but not this one.  But I did like this one.
 For the second half, I was back to my normal spot.  I think I'm much happier with the pictures from there.  Da'Shonte Riley blocking a shot.
 J.R. Sims going for the basket.
 Karrington Ward in the process of getting fouled.
 Glenn Bryant III dunking.
 And putting the exclamation point on it.
 Mike Talley working towards the basket.
 Glenn Bryant heading for the bench.
 Mike Talley making his way around the defense.
 Da'Shonte had every reason to be happy.
 Mike Talley heading to the bench.
 Anthony Strickland taking a layup.
J.R. Sims putting the exclamation point on the game.  Eastern would end up winning 64-42.

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