Sunday, February 16, 2014

Eastern Michigan Basketball Vs Toledo in Pictures

Yesterday felt like a must win game for Eastern Michigan for a couple of reasons.  One is that Toledo is an interdivisional rival in the MACand is currently stand on top of that division.  Second is because of the fallout from this article.  Now Eagle Totem is the main reason why I am photographing Eastern Michigan sports and I do enjoy it.  I also happen to agree with them because they didn't turn a blind eye when it looked like EMU was going to let someone get away with something worse.  It turns out those charges were dropped and the player is back on the team but at the time he was off the team.  So for that reason, I feel that EMU had to beat Toledo.  Anywho, pictures....
 Raven Lee making his way around the Toledo defense towards the basket.
 Darrell Combs putting the ball up towards the net.
 And the ever present Swoop being Swoop.
 During halftime at the game, they announced the latest inductees into EMU's sports hall of fame.  One of those players was Earl Boykins.  He was a player on the team when Eastern made some pretty serious noise in the NCAA tournament.  When he was up for the NBA draft, all of the sports bobbleheads said he wouldn't get drafted because of his size.  I think the thirteen years he spent in the NBA proved them wrong.  For that, he is player I've admired.
 This is an example of a picture I would have liked alot more without the floating hand to the right.  Damn refs always getting in the way.
 Karrington Ward getting a dunk in.
 Mike Talley directing traffic.
 Coach Murphy diagramming a play.  This is one of the things I really like about being on the court because sometimes I get to hear him speaking to the players.  It is kind of interesting to hear some of the strategy.
 Mike Talley trying to reach for the net.Mi
 Mike Talley taking a shot.
Karrington Ward getting congratulated by Coach Murphy on his way to the bench.
 Glenn Bryant III after a dunk.
 J.R. Sims nailing one of a few clutch free throws towards the end of the game.
 Talley worming his way towards the basket.
 Mike Talley trying to shoot around the defense.
 Da'Shonte Riley putting the exclamation mark on a hard fought game.
The Eastern bench celebrating their 65-44 victory.  Hopefully they can repeat it in a couple of weeks.

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