Monday, February 17, 2014

A Sort of Snowy Day in Ypsilanti

I was planning on going to Grand Haven with a friend yesterday but the roads were a little on the bad side in the morning.  We got just enough snow to be annoying.  So I went back home, took care of laundry and some other posts I had to do.  As I finished with that stuff, I saw that it was about noon, so I decided to go catch the Wolverine.
 It actually was a little nicer when I went out this time.  We probably could have made it over to Grand Haven but then again, we would have been following the snow over there.  So I was back at Depot Town again.
 I decided to move over to a slightly different spot.  I wanted to catch the Wolverine from a different angle.
 A shot of the train depot.
 I shot of the florist shop window.
 I kind of liked the way the icicles were coming down on the Hudson building.
 Since I was over there, I had to get a shot of the Hudson on the inside.
 Just a shot of the sign on the roof.
 And the sign on the front of the building.
 The Ypsilanti snow plow crew working tirelessly to keep the roads clear.
 I liked the way the sun was shining on the Freight House.
 As I was heading back home, I decided to get a picture of the Water Tower.  I am glad the sun was coming out.
 I couldn't pass up a chance on the Paper Plant.
And a shot of the waterfall.

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