Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Like Ann Arbor in June...How About You?

Sadly, it was anything but June tonight.  The temperature was in the 20's but it felt alot colder as I started to wander around town.  At least it wasn't snowing while I was taking pictures.
 My tour of Ann Arbor pretty much started the way it did last time, at the Michigan Theater.  I like the way the Michigan's sign looks when it is all lit up.
 I wanted more of a street view of the sign although I'm not sure about this picture.
 Then I had to get a shot from across the street.  I kind of like the look of the building behind the Michigan's sign.
 And an almost straight across the street shot.  There was a car in the way or I would have gotten a more straight across the street shot.
 Then I wandered over to the State Theater.  The sign wasn't lit the last time I went over there.  I kind of like this sign too.
 If you want any Michigan swag, this is the place to do it. 
 Looking down the street towards the State Theater.  I liked the way the sign reflected in the street.
 Of course I had to wander over to the Burton Memorial Tower.  I think there were some musicians practicing in there because I heard drumming.
 Looking over at Rackham Memorial Hall.
 One of my favorite statues.
 The door for the Michigan League building.
 Another angle of the Burton Memorial Tower.
 I had to get a shot of Hill Auditorium and the Burton Memorial Tower.
 The Graduate Library.
 Looking down the Diag towards the West Engineering Arch.
 Looking over towards the Burton Memorial Tower and Rackham Hall.  This entire section was pretty much designed by Albert Kahn.  I would hope that he was cogniscent of the lines as he was designing it.  It almost looks perfect, especially with the way the lighting leads you to the middle of the picture.
 Nickel's Arcade.
 Looking one way down State Street.
 And the other.
 I was trying to get some reflections in this picture.
 Looking back towars the State Theater.  I really like the way the reflections turned out in this picture.
 Not sure if you can see them in this picture but if you look towards the center, you will see some police lights.  I'm not sure what was going on but I didn't to get closer for pictures.
Looking down the hallway of Nickels Arcade.

I honestly can't wait for it to get warmer because this will be much funner.

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