Friday, February 28, 2014

Dom Bakeries in Ypsilanti

Down the street from Eastern Michigan's campus on Washtenaw Avenue is Dom Bakeries.  Although I think it is just one bakery now.  I seem to remember there was another one in Ann Arbor on Main Street but that is now something else.
 I'm not sure when this place was establish but I do know that it has been here for as long as I have.   Various Eastern Michigan student groups would sell donuts from here to raise money.  I suspect that it has been here much longer than that.
 Based on the building, I would say that it probably opened sometime in the 50's or 60's.  I do know that it is under different ownership now but I think they kept the same recipes because it doesn't taste any different.
 Dom's is a classic bakery.  Their donuts are pretty awesome but they also have bagels, muffins and cookies.  The cookies are pretty good and if I recall the bagels aren't bad.  The coffee is pretty good too.
 I'm not sure when they make the donuts but they are always pretty fresh when I pick them up in the morning.  They have the traditional fry cakes.
 They also have custard filled, cream filled and jelly filled.  No donuts with bacon or stuff like that though.
I think the fritters are the best though.

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Christopher List said...

Mmmmm....Doms. I could go for a good doughnut about now...