Saturday, February 1, 2014

Peninsular Paper in the Snow

And much like the CBS Sunday Morning show, I will leave you with some more peaceful pictures.
 Even though I have what now amounts to a billion pictures of this, I figure more pictures can't hurt.  As I said in one my earlier posts from today, I liked the way the snow was on the trees so I figured I would stop and take some pictures of the power plant.
 One of the reasons why I like this building is that this reminds me of a waterfall.  Granted, it is a man-made waterfall but still it is fairly peaceful.
 A closer shot of the building.
 More pulled out to get more of the falls.  This one is from a slightly different angle.
 A shot of the falls themselves.
And I leave you with a shot of the building and the falls.

I looks like the snow may have stopped, so I might be able to wander tomorrow.

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