Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wandering Around the DIA Area

While my mom was at Utrecht, I decided to wander around the area a bit.  It's a couple of blocks south of the Detroit Institute of Arts.
  An angel statue at the top of the First Congregational Church.
 The Church attached to that angle.
 The Cathedral of St. Paul.  I believe this is a Lutheran church.
 Some of the detail on the Maccabes Building.
 Looking up at the top of the arch.
 Looking up at the Maccabes Building.  This is one of many beautiful buildings in Detroit.  It's a shame that people focus on the broken and abandoned buildings instead of the buildings like this.
 One of the knights.
 I seriously hope that the Governor can push his agreement through to get the Detroit Institute of Arts off the list of things to be sold off.  While the city of Detroit may own this building and many of the works inside, I think they belong to the people and shouldn't be auctioned off to the folks that can afford them.
 The front of the DIA.
Per an alert reader, this is the Park-Shelton Apartments.
 Looking at the Maccabees building from the other side.
 One of the statues in front of the DIA.
 And of course, the Thinker.
 Another statue.
 The Thinker from another angle. 
 The Maccabees Building from another angle.
 Sort of the front of the Maccabees.
Another knight.

Well that's all I have for today.

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