Sunday, February 23, 2014

Chillin' in Ann Arbor

After doing my shopping and putting groceries away, I decided to head over to Ann Arbor because it seemed like would be warm enough to wander around it.  As I got back in the car, I noticed the temperature was starting to fall but it wasn't that bad.
 I was going to do a post with just detail type things.  For instance this gate for Nichol's Arboretum.  It's kind of amazing some of the little intricate details there are.
 And of course, the gate itself.
 I'm not sure what building this is but the top of the brick building that is kind of in the middle says "1997".  It seems like they were trying to recreate some of the older buildings.  At one time, there used to be a Pizzeria Uno here.
 The display window at Middle Earth gift shop is always unique.
 Looking up at the West Engineering Arch.  I guess this could fit into a details of Ann Arbor series.
 Looking back at the West Engineering Arch.
 Back to the William Clements library.  One of these years, I'm going to have to go inside and get pictures from there.
 Looking up at the top of the library.
 The State Seal of Michigan.
 Some tile work on the top.  This reminds me of the tile work in the butterfly house at the Zoo or the tile work at the Aquarium on Belle Isle.
 Apparently this is the seal of Christopher Columbus, which is just as well because I think this library houses some of his logs for his journey to the New World.
 The Martha Cook dormitory.  At one time, this used to house female law students.  I think it now houses female students of any discipline.
 A saying on the wall of the Law Quad.
 Another picture of the Law Library.  I should have gone inside today as it was starting to get cold as I took this picture.
 Looking up at part of the Law Quad.
 Since I was here, I had to take a picture of one of the gargoyles.  The light on it was perfect.
 A cannon near the Graduate Library.
 Looking north from the Graduate Library.
 The Block M at the center of the Diag.
 Another picture of the Grad Library.
 Looking south towards the Diag.  I like how all of these buildings flow together.  As I said, it makes me wonder if Albert Kahn had sort of a master plan for all of this.
 I can't pass up pictures of the Burton Memorial Tower.
 The Michigan League building.  At one time, this was the female version of the Michigan Union.
 The Triton Statue.
 The Horace Rackham Graduate Building.  This is another Kahn building.  For the people who think that Kahn only designs industrial buildings, I submit this as evidence against that.
 The reflection of the Bell Tower in one of the doors of the Rackham building.
 Looking back towards the Graduate Library.
 Hill Auditorium.
 The building on the left used to be Drake's Sandwich Shop.  It used to be pretty good.
 Nickel's Arcade.  My next post will be featuring an arcade of a different sort.
 A street musician.
 Looking down State Street.
 The State Theater.  I saw my first Troma movie here.
 The inside of Nickel's Arcade.
 Since I didn't get great pictures of this building last time, I figured I would try again.  Like I said before, I somehow imagine some sort of bizarre cult here.
 Of course maybe it is.
 But I doubt it.
 The First Congregational Church of Ann Arbor.
 Angell Hall.  At one time, this was the largest classroom building in the world.
 The Michigan Union.
 It was here that John F. Kennedy announced the creation of the Peace Corps.
 One more shot of the Michigan Union.
 The Art Museum.  The sun was just about right but I'm not terribly happy about the long shadows.
 Back to the Law Quad.  For some reason, this wouldn't seem out of place in Europe.
 Maybe in particular, England.
 But it is still pretty cool.
 The University President's house but I don't think she actually lives here but this is used as a ceremonial place.
Looking down South University.
After I checked the temperature in the car, it was in the high 20's.  It is getting cold again.

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