Monday, February 17, 2014

Freezin' in Ann Arbor

So I ended up wandering around Ann Arbor again.  It seemed like it got much colder between the time I caught the Wolverine and when I was wandering around Ann Arbor.  Of course, the wind picking up might have something to do with it.
 My first stop was Nickel's Arcade.  I kind of like the way this hallway looks because it gives me nice leading lines.
 One of the window displays there.
 This squirrel was expecting food.  I was almost waiting for him to jump at my face and attack it.  He didn't and besides he was pretty cute.
 A shot of the front of Angell Hall.  This is one of my favorites.
 Looking up at the Michigan Union tower.
 An overall shot of the Michigan Union.
 One of the main reasons I wanted to head over to Ann Arbor was because I haven't got any pictures of the Law Quad in a long time.  They were remodeling it for a while and I really haven't been there during the day.  This gave me an opportunity for those pictures.
 My favorite part of the Law Quad are the little statues they have in the archways.  If I remember correctly, each of them depict a different figure in the University of Michigan history.
I think they also depict different disciplines.
 I think one of the reasons why I like the Law Quad is because it reminds me of cloisters.  Especially this particular archway.
 A shot of the Chapel there.
 My favorite part is the Reading Room.  The Gothich architecture reminds me of an old school building you may find in Europe.
 A closeup of the archway.
 Then I decided to head into the building.  This is probably one of my favorite parts of going in here.  Just have to remember to be quiet.
 Looking up at the roof.  I would hate to think what a building like this would cost now.
 The stained glass window.
 Leading out of the law quad.
 And back to the statues.
 For some reason this one reminds me of Harry Truman.
 Looking across at the Reading Room building.  This reminds me of a cathedral.
 Another statue.
 For some reason it wouldn't be Michigan without a reference to a football player.  Since this was built in the thirties, it has to be an old school player.
 A statue depicting the Ten Commandments.  Or at least a representation of them.
 As I headed over to Clements Library, the sun decided to break out for a moment.  It was perfect for me because I really like the way this building it lit.  Allegedly, this was one of Albert Kahn's favorite buildings.
 Trying to get a closeup of the arches.
 The West Engineering Arch.
 The towers of the Arch.
 Looking across the Diag towards the Rackham Memorial Hall.
 The Block M in the middle of the Diag.  It is rumored that touching this will give you bad luck.  Maybe the guy in the last post touched this.
 The State Theater.
 Looking south down State Street.
And we end with the Michigan Theater.

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