Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A Diamond T Truck in Clare

After chasing the train, I saw that I had a chance to catch a ship up at the Mackinac Bridge.  That meant continuing up US-127.  We decided to stop for lunch in Clare and as we were doing that, we passed this truck.  It was kind of a neat looking truck.
 I think this is a Diamond T 1942  (but I'm only guessing based on the plate) model but I'm not sure since wheeled vehicles are way outside of my pilothouse.  I know its a Diamond T because of the logo.  The company itself was founded in Chicago in 1905 by C.A. Tilt.  The company name was created when Tilt's shoe making father made the logo of T inside of a diamond.  The diamond meaning quality.
 The first vehicles produced by Diamond were touring cars.  These were later supplanted by trucks as the company became more known for it's trucks.
During World War II, they produced military trucks.  In 1967, while it was subsidiary of White Motor Company, it merged with Reo Motor Company to become Diamond Reo Trucks.  That company became defunct in 2013.

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