Thursday, December 13, 2018

Ending With the CSL St Laurent

I was hoping to catch a different ship but as I was waiting in the Dossin Museum, I overheard that she would be making a fuel stop.  I was getting to leave when I saw that there was another ship coming downbound.
 The ship in question was the CSL St Laurent.  I probably wouldn't have stuck around for her but she has the cool mural on her pilothouse.
 I think she was on her way to Quebec City.  If that is the case, this may very well be her last trip of the season because she may end up laying up there or in Montreal.
 Based on the fact that she is a straight decker, I am guessing that she would be carrying a load of grain from Thunder Bay.
 And almost passing shot.
 With the contrails at the top of the picture, that makes this a bifecta with a plane in it.  Okay, maybe I'm stretching since you can barely see the plane but still.
And one more shot before losing my light.

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A most beautiful picture of ship, water,city and vapor trail.