Sunday, December 30, 2018

Catching A Pair of Snowy Owls at Fish Point

I heard that there were some snowy owls at Fish Point.  I've never seen a snowy owl in person, so it was kind of an experience.  It's not too far of a drive from here, so I decided to head up there.
 It wasn't too hard to spot my first owl.  There was a car in a parking lot nearby and if I've learned anything in my years of watching trains and boats, where there are other people, it's a good bet there is something to be photographed.
 There was an owl there but she(?) was a little on the far side, so I had to blow up this picture quite a bit to get her picture.
 I will have to admit, they are very nice looking birds.  The white stood out against the field.  I would imagine that wouldn't be the case if there was more snow on the ground.
 I just love those yellow eyes.
 She was keeping an eye on us.
 And then she took to flight.  I think she might have been hunting.
 Again, a very graceful looking bird.
Then I went to another spot and saw another owl.  Again, I think this was a female.  Apparently the males are pure white.

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