Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Herbert C. Jackson Passes Milliken State Park

I decided that I also wanted to go boatwatching on Sunday.  It was a nice clear day and I saw that I had a chance to catch a classic laker.  Little did I realize, I would end up catching two classic lakers.
 When I woke up and checked Marine Traffic, the Herbert C. Jackson was still docked at the steel mill in Dearborn.  I wasn't sure what she arrived there, so I wasn't sure what time she was leaving.  As I made a check of Marine Traffic to see how much time I could spend at the airport, I saw that she was starting to leave.
 If I remember correctly, it takes about 45 minutes to a half hour for a ship to leave the Rouge River.  Then it another 30 minutes until she passes Milliken State Park.  So I was pretty certain that I would catch her as well as the other ship I was waiting for.
 The Herbert C. Jackson is a frequent visitor to the Rouge Steel Mill and therefore, she is a frequent visitor to this blog.  Typically, she will pick up her taconite in Marquette and make her way down.  It is roughly a 36 hour trip.
 Anyway, she is a nice looking boat, so I don't mind seeing her.
 As she passes Milliken.  Unfortunately, I was mostly shooting into the sun, so many of these shots are washed out.
 But I guess they weren't too bad.
 The lighting was more favorable for the stern shots.
I think she was on her way back to Marquette to make this trip again.  I think it is a 5 or 6 hour unloading time, so that makes it a roughly 3 day trip.

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