Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Chasing the not Polar Express

Given that something of more interest was passing my way on Sunday, I decided to go chase the Pere Marquette 1225 on Saturday since it was the last day to catch her.  I thought they used to call this excursion the Polar Express since this is the steam engine used as the basis for that steam engine.  I'm pretty sure that trademark or copyright laws came into play.
 At any rate, it started out as a pretty overcast day but I suppose for chasing a train that's not too bad.
 I started out in Owosso at a spot just outside where she starts.  It kind of gave me a different perspective.
 She was still going fairly slow here which was good because the light wasn't the greatest.
 And she continues on her way.
 So next I headed over to the Carland Grain Elevator.  There was some maintenance of way equipment on one side of the track and there were a bunch of people where I would normally get my shot, so I decided to head over to the other side of the maintenance of way equipment.
 It's not my normal pictures but not too bad I guess.
 Then I headed over to Ashley to catch her coming into town.  There weren't too many people at this spot.
 But I think I got a nice shot.

 A couple of the conductors.
And the diesel engine that would pull her back to Owosso.

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