Sunday, December 30, 2018

And the Tecumseh Wasn't Too Far Behind

And the Tecumseh wasn't too far behind the Algosea.
 I'm actually not where where she was heading from or where she was going. 
 She may have been on her way to Thunder Bay.  As a straight decker, it's likely she would be carrying some sort of grain product.
 If that's the case, that is nearly a two day journey from this point.  It might have taken longer because Saturday was a pretty nasty day on Lake Superior.
 It has been a while since I've seen the Tecumseh.
 I kind of like her because she retains some of the classic lines of an ocean going ship.
 If I remember correctly, she was built in Seattle.
 I think she may have been used by the Navy at one point.
 Like I said, she retains some of those lines.
 And here she is about to pass the Herbert C. Jackson.  It makes a good contrast between a salt water vessel and a classic laker.
 And they get a little closer.
And she continues on her way.

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