Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Catching the Juno

I decided to continue my boatwatching on Saturday but that meant heading up to Marysville.  These was one of the ships I couldn't catch at Belle Isle.  Sometimes if I miss ships at Belle Isle and they are heading upbound, I can catch them on the St. Clair River.  If I miss ships heading downbound on the St. Clair River, I can usually catch them in Detroit.
 As I haven't been boatwatching as much this year, I haven't seen very many salties this year.  I actually like the looks of salties as they give some degree of variation to the lake boats that I always see.
 However, there are some salties that are repeat visitors.  The Juno is no exception.  She is owned by Polish Steamship but like many saltwater vessels, she is registered in another country.
 In this case, she is registered in Nassau.  There are many financial benefits for a ship to be registered in another country.  In some cases, the safety regulations for that country are more lax.
 In other cases, their tax laws are more lax.  Since a foreign ship can visit a US port as long as it doesn't originate from a US port (and vice versa).  It doesn't matter where many international ships are registered.
 Nor does it really matter where they are built.  I think this particular ship was built in China.
 I think she was on her way to Chicago, but I don't remember for sure.
 I liked the light from Saturday.  It was a fairly clear day.
 She shows off her registration.  Sadly, her Bahamas flag wasn't flying.
 And then I caught her up in Port Huron as I was waiting for another ship.
 She approaches the Blue Water Bridge.
 And passes under the Blue Water Bridge.
I also got to witness a pilot exchange.

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