Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sometimes Life Repeats

As I was catching the last ship, I noticed that this ship was starting her way up the river.
 As I was in Detroit, I saw that she was unloading at St. Clair.  Typically, she would be unloading coal there.  I'm not sure how long it takes ships to unload.  From what I understand, it depends on what they are unloading and where and the weather.
 Anyway, it was pretty nice to catch the McCarthy again, even though I caught her last weekend.
 It looks like she was on her way to Superior, Wisconsin.  So I think that means she is going to pick up another load of coal.
 Even though I've done this a while, it is still impressive to see a thousand footer.
 And the sun was still pretty cool.
 Although, it might have been too bright.
One more shot before moving on.

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