Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Catching the CSL Tadoussac

The next ship is the one that got me to want to go out boatwatching.
 I saw that the CSL Tadoussac was making her way up.  She is one of three classic Canadian Lakers left and I'm not sure how much longer she is for this world.
 I think she was heading up from Nanticoke but I'm not sure.  She is on her way to Superior, Wisconsin.  After she loads there, she will be on her way back to Nanticoke.
 I say that she is not long for the world because I think she is going to be replaced by one of the new builds.  I'm not sure of that though.
 Anyway, she looking a little rough for wear.
 I didn't notice that she had the American flag at half staff.  It was just announced that President George H.W. Bush had died.  I thought this was a nice gesture on the part of our neighbors to the north.
 Anyway, I presume that she will be loading near the same dock that Edmund Fitzgerald loaded at.
 She's a pretty neat looking ship at any rate.

One more shot before moving on.

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