Monday, December 24, 2018

Catching the Sykes on the St. Clair Again

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I found out that the Sykes was heading to the Rouge River again.
 I caught her at the Mackinac Bridge roughly 17 hours before I took this picture.  So that gives you a good idea how long it takes to get from the Mackinac Bridge.
 Again, it was a pretty nice morning to go boatwatching.   It was nice and sunny but it was a little on the cold side.
 She slowly passes us in Marysville.  There were quite a few other people out catching her since it is pretty rare that she comes this way.
 It was a pretty good day for it.
 I would have gotten more shots here but I was shooting directly into the sun.
 I headed over to St. Clair next.  The same crowd followed me shortly after Marysville.
 It was a little better here though.
 I tried to get a straight on shot.
 But I couldn't get one at St. Clair.
 Then I headed to Marine City.  There is a new pavillion there.  It is pretty nice.
 A quarter shot.
 And then a head on shot.
 And she starts to pass on.

 The almost beam shot.
 Next I headed to Algonac State Park.  This would be my last stop for the Sykes.
 I didn't think I would catch her in Detroit before it got dark.
 Oh well, I might have as it turns out but I'm pretty happy with these shots.
 The three quarters view.
 A better beam shot.
Better reflections.  She ended up going to the Rouge Steel Plant where she picked up iron fines.  She then took those up to Two Harbors.  From Two Harbors, she took some iron ore and I think she is on her way back to Burns Harbor.

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