Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A Little Sunday Afternoon Planewatching

I decided to do a little planewatching too.  I saw that I could catch a couple planes that I was interested in.
 First up was a 737.
 In particular, a 737 from Alaska Air.  This is one of the liveries that I like.  Since I don't see them enough, I like to catch them when I can.  This particular plane was arriving from Seattle.
 Then I saw that there was a 757 coming in.
 Since the 757 is one of my favorites, I had to catch her.
 She was arriving from Atlanta.
 One more shot.
 An American Airlines A320 arriving from Phoenix.
 It was followed by a 717.  With the other Mad Dogs retiring, this is the last link to the DC-9.
 This particular one was arriving from Madison.
 Another 737.
 It was arriving from Salt Lake City.
 Next up is an A350.
 This particular one is N501DN which is the one I have a diecast model of.
 It was coming in from Narita.
 I'll have to admit this particular plane is growing on me.
 Still like the 787 more but it's not bad.
 I stuck around for another 717.
this particular one was arriving from Milwaukee.

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