Tuesday, December 11, 2018

And Another One of the Great Lakes Monsters

Another ship I was hoping to catch was the Edgar B. Speer.  As it was starting to get late in the day, I thought that I might be in a race against the sunlight before she came through Port Huron.
 As it turned out, it wasn't.  The lighting was just about perfect as she appeared.
 She was heading down to Conneaut, Ohio which meant she was carrying a load of taconite for the steel mills.
 That means that she loaded in either Duluth, Superior or Two Harbors.  Since I wasn't writing stuff down, I'm not sure which one of those ports.
 At any rate, it is roughly a three and a half day trip from one of those ports to Conneaut, Ohio.
 That kind of gives you an idea of the size of the Lakes.
 I loved the lighting.
 The setting sun was perfect.  A pilot boat passing by.

 And she continues down the river.
 She passes one of the boats in the next posts.
One more shot of her before calling it a day.

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