Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Philip R. Clarke Passes Milliken State Park

Now the ship I was hoping to catch was the Philip R. Clarke.
 I had originally hoped to catch her as she was passing Belle Isle but I got kind of a late start, so I figured I would catch her at Milliken instead.
 The background at Milliken is a little busier than the background at Belle Isle but it was hazy enough that it wasn't too bad.  The lighting was perfect for the downbound ship.
 The Philip R. Clarke is sort of a sister to the Arthur Anderson, so its nice to see her while the Anderson is in long term layup.
 She cuts a pretty nice profile as well.
 One more profile shot.
 And I'm glad that I decided to catch her at Milliken because it's not often that I get a shot of two classic lakers.
 And she passes the Herbert C. Jackson.  I didn't get a salute though.
 the Clarke was on her way from the Calcite dock near Alpena.  She was delivering stone to Zug Island (I think).
One more shot of her.

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