Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Federal Shimanto Passes Belle Isle

On Sunday, I decided to head over to Belle Isle with my Dad.  I saw that there was a handful of ships that I could catch.
 First of the bunch was the Federal Shimanto.  She is owned by FedNav Ltd. of Montreal, Quebec.
 She was built in 2001 and is 624 feet long and 77 feet wide.
 She can carry 32,787 tonnes of cargo.
 She looks very similar to the other FedNav boats.
 She is on her way to Sorel, Quebec which is on the other side of the Welland Canal.  I'm not sure what she's carrying, but I suspect she will drop that load there and pick up something to take over to Europe.
 It is roughly a 4 day journey from this point.
 She is registered in Majuro, which is in the Marshall Islands.  It is also the capital of the Marshall Islands.  The Marshall Islands is a chain of 64 coral islands in the Pacific Islands.  Because of its location in the Pacific, the Marshall Islands were the scene of some heavy fighting during World War II.  After the war, it became a trust territory of the United States.  In 1986, they gained independence.  If I remember correctly, it is feared that it may end up under water due to global warming.  The Marshall Islands government is preparing for that eventuality. 
One more shot before moving on.

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