Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A Handful of Arrivals on Sunday

I decided that I wanted to go boatwatching on Sunday but I also saw a couple of planes that I would be interested in.  I had a little extra time to get a couple of planes so I stopped at the airport for a bit.
 First up was an A321 arriving from Atlanta.
 I call this plane a 757 wanna be because it looks kind of like a 757.
 But it still can't compare to the looks of a 757.
 I just love the looks of these planes.  Apparently they are fun to fly too.
 This particular plane was arriving from Seattle.
 I wonder if it had a load of coffee.
 It was followed by a 717.
 You can definitely see it's lineage to the DC-9.
 This particular one was arriving from O'Hare Airport in Chicago.
 I stuck around to catch an AeroMexico plane.
But for the life of me, I don't remember where this one came from.

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All beautiful planes and have flown on them and many others.