Monday, January 2, 2023

And the Kaye E. Barker

 I had one more ship to catch.  I wanted to shorten the time to catching her, so I went down to St. Clair.

I made it just in time as she was about to pass.  Well, I had plenty of time as this is with my telephoto fully out.
Just meant that I wasn't going to get the variation of angles that I get when I catch a ship sooner.
The Kaye E. Barker was delivering coal to Detroit from Sandusky.
She was done doing that, so she was heading up to Marquette.
She will be picking up taconite there but I'm not sure if she's going to have to wait, as the Oberstar is heading up there too.
But it is getting towards that time of year when the ships have to hurry up and fill the stocks for the layups.
Especially ships that deliver iron ore as that is all above the locks.
A beam shot.
And she continues down the river.
One more shot before heading home.

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