Sunday, January 15, 2023

And Airplanes to Boot

 Before continuing on, I checked Flight Radar to see if there was anything interesting coming into Detroit Metro.  Sure enough, there was one plane I would be interested in.

First up was a 737 from Southwest Airlines.
They've been having some trouble lately but I wont really get into that because I don't fully understand what all the issues are.
This particular one was coming from Baltimore Washington International Airport.
Next up was a Delta A321.  It was coming in from Fort Myers.  It seems like Delta have been changing the 757 for this plane.  I don't really want to see the 757 go.
And then there was the plane that I wanted to see.   There were two 757s prior to this one but I couldn't get to the airport in time to catch them.
This is a 757-200 which is the smaller version of the 757.
This particular one was coming in from Atlanta.
And it seems like that is the only way I see this version.
Oh well.  They still fly the 757-300.

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