Monday, January 2, 2023

Catching the Oberstar on the Flip Side

 Just continuing my pictures from yesterday.  It was a pretty good day for ships as I was able to catch a few.

The next one was a repeat from a couple days ago.  In fact, it was my last ship of 2022.
She was delivering taconite to the Rouge steel mill.  When I figured out the time it would take for her to get to the steel mill and unload, I figured that I would be seeing her again.
It turns out that I was right.
She didn't even stop for fuel, so I didn't have that break in things.
It was nice to see her.
Except that I didn't bring my drone because I thought it would be sprinkling at least.
It turns that I could have brought my drone because it didn't rain.
She was heading back to Marquette.
She would pick up another load of taconite there to bring back to Dearborn.
I suspect that will happen on Wednesday.
A shot of her pilot house.
And she continues on her way up into Lake Huron.

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