Monday, January 2, 2023

Catching Up With the McCarthy

 The next ship wasn't too far behind the Oberstar.  In fact, I was almost expecting them to pass but I think this ship might have slowed up a little bit.

The Walter J. McCarthy was heading down to Conneaut, Ohio.
She is heading from Two Harbor, Minnesota.
That means she is loaded with taconite.
She left about two days before this picture.
She has roughly another day of sailing after this picture.
I'm not sure if this is her last trip of the year.
If I remember correctly, she typically winters in Toledo.  So she may very well be headed to Toledo after this trip.
It has been over a year since I caught her last.
She used to come this way fairly often.  I'm not sure if I am missing her because she passes when I can't catch her.
Anyway, it was nice catching her.
I think the thousand footers look cool.
She pours on the engines as she makes the turn for the channel.
She cuts a nice angle.
Framed by the Blue Water Bridge.
She continues on.
I kind of like this shot because it shows how long she is.
Her pilothouse.
What would normally be a beam shot, but she's too long.
And she continues down the river.

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