Sunday, January 1, 2023

My Last Ship of the Year

 I try to make it a point to go out on New Year's Eve to catch what amounts to my last ship of the year.  I never know exactly what ship it is going to be but I have a pretty good idea with Marine Traffic.  I saw that the Honorable James L. Oberstar was heading down, so I decided to make that my last ship of the year.

I caught her briefly at Port Huron.  I didn't start soon enough to catch her on the lake (I thought I did but oh well).  I did manage to get my drone up to get this shot.  It was a fairly nice enough day for my drone, so I was happy.
I wanted more shots, so I headed down to Marysville next.  That is one of the nice things about catching ships in Port Huron, if I miss them there, I can always catch them elsewhere and the shots are just about as nice.
The Oberstar passing the Defiance/Ashtabula.
The Oberstar was heading down from Marquette.
That means that she had a load of taconite.
She was heading to the Rouge Steel Mill in Dearborn.
I kind of which she weren't arriving there so late yesterday as I love getting shots on the Rouge.
Oh well, the shots here aren't so bad.
The river is wide enough here, that I can get a beam shot.
One more for good measure.
A shot of her stack.
And then I headed to St. Clair.  I'm not sure if I can take drone shots in Marysville as it sometimes won't let me.  I wanted some drone shots, so I continued down the river as she continued down the river.
St. Clair is a nice spot for boatwatching.  They have a nice pier where you can get decent views.
I can get almost a head shot here.  I think I can get a headshot if I move to another spot.
but the way the river works, that is all I get there.
I like the quarter angles anyway.
She starts to turn.
And probably my favorite angle.
I got my drone out.
I like the angles that I can get with my drone.
the beam shot.
As she moves off.
A stern shot before moving on myself.
And too make sure, she was the last shot of the year, I headed over to Marine City.  I like the views I can get here too.
And a shot with my drone.  Unfortunately, my drone was acting up a little bit, so I didn't get the whole series.  I wanted to save the shot for one more post.

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