Sunday, January 8, 2023

Catching Up With the Joseph L. Block

 I thought it had been a while since I have seen the Block, but it turns out that I saw her in July.  At any rate, the Block coming down brought me out to catch her since she is one I don't see very often.

The Joseph L. Block was coming down to Toledo.  This is not a trip she takes very often but it seems like it is more often lately.
She was coming down from Duluth with a presume a load of taconite.
She is a nice enough looking ship.
Here she is passing Marysville.
I didn't get out soon enough to catch her in Port Huron.
Oh well, the pictures aren't too bad here.
Plus I can get the beam shot.
Rather, the beam shot.
And she continues on.
One more.
After catching the next ship, I was able to catch up with her again in Algonac.
An almost bow shot.
I couldn't get drone shots in Marysville, but I could get drone shots here.
But still getting shots with my regular camera.
The shots are pretty nice over here.
So I got a couple more pictures with my regular camera.
Just wish it wasn't so dreary.
One more with my regular camera.
And then I switched to my drone.
Other than the lack of light, it was a pretty good day for the drone.  It was calm out.
It didn't seem like it was too cold either.
The Block continues past.
I like this shot.
The beam shot.
She continues down the river.
One more shot.

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