Sunday, January 22, 2023

A Frosty Day at the Airport

 I was planning on going down to Fostoria today but the weather made other plans for me.  It snowed last night and left a dusting on the ground.  I don't particularly like to go out after a snow and I especially didn't want to go down to Ohio as it seems like it is on the border between snow and ice.  I hate driving on ice.

I figured the airport was close enough so I headed over there.

I kind of like getting weather shots.  I think they are more interesting than the typical blue skies that you normally see with aviation photos.  Besides, if I waited for perfect blue skies, I could wait a long time.  This particular 717 was heading to Madison.
An A321 undergoing deicing.  I'm not sure where it was off to after this.
An A320 undergoing deicing.  It was heading off to Minneapolis after this.
The 717 getting ready to head off.
An A320 heading to the deice pads prior to heading off to LaGuardia.
A CRJ-200 creates some trails as it comes in for a landing.
It was coming in from MBS Airport in Bay City.
A 737-MAX belonging to Southwest Airlines as it gets ready to Baltimore.
A 757-300 coming in from Fort Launderdale.
I bet they had a bit of a shock as the came in for a landing.
It is a beautiful bird though.
Definitely my favorite.
It looks really nice in the winter.
Even with little contrast.
A Spirit A320 heading off to LaGuardia.
I love getting three planes in one shot.
An American 737 heading off to Charlotte.
The 757 again.
I'm not sure where this plane was off to.
But it looks pretty cool getting deiced.
A CRJ-900 comes in for a landing.
It was coming in from Louisville.
One more shot of it.
An A320 getting deiced.
An A340 coming in for a landing.
This particular one was coming in from Frankfurt, Germany.
It was the other plane I was looking for.
One more shot before heading off.

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