Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Lazy Saturday

Since I did quite a bit of travelling on Thursday and Friday, I didn't really feel like doing much travelling yesterday.  As a result, it was a Wolverine day.
 I wanted to try a different spot for my first Wolverine picture. There is a spot where I can get a picture of it crossing the Huron River.  So I tried that.
 I guess I'll have to try on a day when the light is better and the water is calmer.  I think this would make for a pretty cool picture.
 So then I headed to Depot Town for lunch.  I ended up going to Maiz and it was pretty good.
 I kind of liked this shot with the leading lines and what not.
 Looking down the street.
 My attempt at a transparent reflective.
 I can't pass up on a shot of the depot.
 Looking down the street.
 and the other side of the street.  Maiz is kind of in the center there.
 And with a whistle, your intrepid photographer was happen.
 As the train went by.  And because your intrepid photographer didn't want to become a statistic, he stayed well clear of the tracks.
 and it nearly covers the depot.
 With a whoosh of air, it passes.
 And one more shot.
 I like the look of Depot Town.
And one more shot of Depot Town.

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