Saturday, March 14, 2015

And Then There Was Huron, Ohio

Huron Township was established as part of the Firelands Region of the Connecticut Western Reserve.  These were lands that were given to residents of Connecticut that lost property during the American Revolution.  The first settler was a fur trader named John Baptiste Flemmond who established a trading post along the east bank of the Huron River in 1805.  The Township was established in 1809 and the town a little later.  It became a major shipbuilding center in the 1830s.  It also became a major port that was serviced by the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad.  It still is a port which is what attracted me in the first place.
 The John Boland was laid up here.  I didn't realize that I would have a chance to get a cool shot of her.
 Huron is also being used by the Adam Cornelius.
 I tried to move around to get some better shots and this was probably my best of the Adam Cornelius since she was behind the Boland.
 I was able to get some better shots of the Boland though.
 As I was taking pictures of the ships, I heard the distinctive sound of a train horn.
 A shot of the Boland from the front.  The little holes at the bottom are the bow thrusters.  Since they are under water, you don't usually get to see them.
One more shot of the Boland before moving on.

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