Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Walking Around Ann Arbor

The weather is starting to get nice again and it's after Daylight Saving time, so I had some reason to wander around Ann Arbor tonight.
 I started my wandering at Nickels Arcade.  I pretty much love this shot.
 The antique shop had some pretty nice displays.  I always like the way they arrange them.
 I thought this was kind of cool.
 But I really liked this one.  First there was the reflections from the window and then there were reflections from the other window.  I might have to try this one again.
 Looking down State Street.
 Over one of the door arches.
 Looking down towards Rackham Hall.
 Looking up at the Burton Memorial Tower.
 The Michigan League building.
 Another closer shot of the Rackham Building.
 Looking up at the Burton Memorial Tower.
 I kind of liked the way this all looked.
 Looking at the other side of the Diag.
 I kind of liked that the clouds broke while I was taking this picture.
 The Neptune Fountain.
 One of the statues at the top of the Michigan League building.
 The other one.
 Another angle of the Burton Memorial Tower.
 Hill Auditorium.
 The US Flag.
 There was a group in front of the Graduate Library offering Free Hugs, High Fives or Fist Bumps.  You know that you've been in Ann Arbor too long when you see a sign that says, "Free Something" and you assume it's another political cause.  Well, I guess the Hugs need to be freed from tyranny.
 Looking down the Diag from the Graduate Library.
 The famous Block M.
 Or liberry as they say it in other parts.
 The Arch.
 It seems like there have been a few of these lately.
 A Michigan Squirrel.
 Another one.
 The Burton Memorial Tower reflected in a puddle of water.
 And light reflecting off Hill Auditorium and the Tower.
 State Street.
 State Street Part II:  The Return of Uggs....
 State Street Part III:  Cell Phone Zombies....
 Return to State Street, an exciting new reboot of the State Street franchise. 
 And the Michiga.
 I love the looks of this house, but for some reason, I think of bizarre rituals going on here.
And I leave you with one more shot of this house.

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