Saturday, March 14, 2015

Next Up...the Marblehead Lighthouse

So after lunch and pictures of the church, I headed to Ohio Route 2 in order to head over to Marblehead.  I like the lighthouse there and I figured that maybe some of the snow would be gone around it.
 On the way over, I saw this eagle flying over the highway.  I think it is an adolescent eagle because it still has some of it's mottling.  The head isn't quite fully white yet.
 A shot of the lighthouse.  It is a pretty neat looking lighthouse and is one of the older lighthouses on the Great Lakes.  It was kind of nice on Thursday because there weren't a lot of people there.
 Another angle with the rocks leading into it.
 Slightly shifted over to get a shot of still ice covered Lake Erie.  It looks like there are some spots that are opening up though.
 Looking up at the lighthouse.  I'll have to say that the day was perfect for a ride like this.
 Moving over to the other side of the lighthouse.
 Trying to get some of the trees and Lake Erie in the background.
 Heading back to the car.
A shot of the lighthouse and the keeper's house.

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