Saturday, March 14, 2015

Walking to the Game

I got a hotel that was about six or so blocks from the Quicken Loans Arena.  I decided to take a walk over to the Arena because it was a fairly nice day.
 I think the buildings of the Midwest have some character.  They aren't normally as tall as other cities but they are pretty decorative.  Cleveland has been spending the past few years renovating some of these buildings.  It seems like the neighborhood I was staying in was next.
 This is the Keith Building, when it was constructed in 1922, it was the tallest building in Cleveland.  Currently it houses a Theater.
 Playhouse Square is a theater restoration project.  It started in the early 1970's and continued through the 2000's.  Now it is pretty vibrant.
 The Grays Armory was a building that was built by the Grays which was a private militia formed in 1837.  After moving around various buildings, they established this one in 1893.  The group fought in the Civil War and Spanish American War.  This is one of the oldest buildings in Cleveland.
 I'm not sure what building this is but I kind of liked it.
 The Terminal Tower was built in 1930 and was the tallest building outside of New York until 1964.
 This used to be known as the Ohio Bell Building and served as the headquarters for Ohio Bell.  It was then known as the Ameritech Building for awhile.  And now it is known as the AT&T Huron Road Building.
 The Quicken Loans Arena was originally named as Gund Arena when it was built in 1994.  It was named after the owner of the Cavaliers at the time.  It is the home for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lake Erie Monsters (an AHL team).  In 2005, it was renamed to its current name when Quicken Loans bought the naming rights.  I guess I can understand that practice but you lose the history of a place.
The Key Tower and 200 Public Square are now two of the tallest buildings in Cleveland.

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