Tuesday, March 31, 2015

And the Sunset Wolverine

All of the Wolverine Routes are called "The Wolverine" but it would be pretty neat if they had different names for each of the different times.  The morning one could be the Sunrise Wolverine, the noon one could be the Noon Wolverine and the evening one could be the Sunset Wolverine.  Of course they would have to distinguish between the east and west bound versions of those trains but I'm sure they could figure something out.
 At anyrate, I was heading back to the car after a couple innings of baseball and I decided to look at my phone to see what time the Wolverine would be passing by.  I saw that I had a chance to catch it, so I decided to head over to Depot Town.  This shot caught my eye first because of the moon in the upper left hand corner.
 I liked the way the sun was hitting the Freighthouse.
 And I really liked the way the depot was getting hit.
 I think this is a device that greases the wheels of the train, but I'm not sure.  It looks pretty neat though.
 It wasn't long before the Wolverine appeared.  I was getting a little worried because the sun was getting lower in the sky.
 However, it was at the perfect angle for the train, I think.  I got that nice golden hour effect.
 And it appeared a little more.
 But I think this is my favorite of the bunch.
And a shot of the rear engine.  This one shares the number of the engine I got for my train set.

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