Saturday, March 14, 2015

Heading to Cleveland..First Stop Toledo

On Thursday I decided to head over to Cleveland in order to catch Eastern Michigan take on the Toledo Men's Basketball Team.  I wasn't expecting Eastern to get that far but since it happened, I headed over there.  I decided to take the more scenic route over to Cleveland because I wanted to catch a couple ships in layup and Marblehead Lighthouse.
 My first stop was the Great Lakes Museum, I was thinking about getting over to the bridge in order to catch a picture of the Algorail but I got kind of a late start.  First I had to stop at Eastern to get my ticket for the game (I'm not sure if they needed the ticket sales but I'd rather buy it through them) and then I found that my GPS had failed.  So after a quick stop at Best Buy, I was on the road.

I figured a shot of the Schoonmaker was a good thing, especially with the light I had.
 Another angle of the Schoonmaker, I can't wait for spring when she opens.  I picked up a membership at the museum, so I will be able to wander around her decks.
 An almost side shot of her pilothouse and bow.
 The lighting was close to perfect for me, so I decided to get a shot of the Toledo skyline.
 Since it was lunchtime, I decided to head over to Tony Packo's.  It has been a while since I've been to the one that is actually in Toledo.  It's in a formerly Hungarian neighborhood and parts of the menu reflect that.
 A shot of the neon sign in the front of the door.
 I of course opted for the hot dogs.  I love the chili they make. 
 I believe this is the Hungarian shield.
 Looking up at the spire's of Saint Stephen's Church.  The parish itself was established in 1898 and the first mass was said at a wooden church in September of that year.  In 1908, the church caught fire and the parish moved to a temporary church.  In 1914, the current structure was built.
 The church was established by Hungarian immigrants. 
The statue is of St. Stephen who was considered as the first King of Hungary.  He encouraged the spread of Christianity throughout Hungary.

After these pictures, my journey continued on.

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