Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Another Snowy Day in Depot Town

After taking pictures of the westbound Wolverine, I decided to head over to Sidetrack for lunch.
 As I was enjoying my cheeseburger, I took a look through the window and I liked the looks of the building through the glass.  There was a slight angle at the bottom and that gave a slight distortion to building.  It made a pretty cool picture, I think.
 Kind of kiddy corner from Sidetrack is the Ypsi Food Co-op.  The first iteration was formed during the Great Depression.  Some Ypsilanti residents banded together to form a buying club to provide cheaper, quality foods to other people.  It lasted for about 7 years.  The current iteration was formed in the 70's out of a bag co-op.  People would go to Eastern Market and bring back from there.  It started at its current location in the mid 80's.
 As I headed back, I noticed this side on the side of the Sidetrack building.  I never saw it before.  It's kind of a cool warning.
 A shot of the museum.
 My pretty much standard picture when I wander around Depot Town.
 Looking down Cross Street toward the Water Tower.
 A shot of the depot.
 I kind of liked the look of this store front.+
 Another angle of Depot Town.
 Looking the other way.
And a shot of the Water Tower.

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