Saturday, March 28, 2015

And a Few Trains

Fostoria may see a few more trains but I think I like the views in Deshler better.
 A BNSF train running down the east-west track.
 A closer shot of the front engine.
 This train was heading from Toledo and making the turn to head west.  I think it is the same train that I saw the last time I was in Deshler.
 One thing I like about Deshler is that I can get some background in the shots.  I think it adds to train pictures.
 The train comes around the corner.
 The lead engine.
 I kind of like this BNSF livery.
 Looking South.  Apparently these are old B&O Signals and they are going to be replaced by modern ones.
 And then it was the southbound train.
 And a closer view of the lead engine.
 And she continues south.
 Next up was train heading east.  I wasn't really in a good position to get pictures of it though.
 It ended up stopping just outside of town though, so that gave me the opportunity to get some other shots.
And one more shot.

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