Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Tugboat Iowa

The Alpena needed a helping hand getting out into the Cuyahoga River.
 That helping hand was provided by the Great Lakes Towing tugboat Iowa. 
 The Iowa was built for her current company back in 1915.  Originally she was steam powered but was converted into diesel in 1951.  She is powered by a 1,200 horsepower engine.
 She currently serves in Cleveland.
 She started to pass the Alpena in order to break some of the ice ahead of her.  I kind of like this shot with the reflection.
 A shot with the Alpena in the background.
 She cuts ahead.
 A shot with the Cleveland skyline.
 And she comes back after doing a little bit of ice breaking.
 It's amazing seeing how low these ride in the water.  It almost seems like they could swamp at anytime.  It's even more amazing when you see how much of her is actually underwater.
 She makes a heck of wake.
 she passes by.
 A show of the Clowns Stadium behind her.
One more shot of her and the Cleveland skyline.

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