Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Visit to Deshler, Ohio

Deshler is about 30 or so miles to the southwest of Toledo.  It was established in the mid 1850's and was originally known as Portage until 1865 when it was known as Alma and in 1870 it became Deshler.  It was incorporated as a village in 1876 and by 1888 it found itself becoming the crossroads for the Baltimore and Ohio, Dayton and Michigan and a third railroad.  It still serves as the crossroads of the CSX line that goes from Toledo to Cincinatti and the CSX line from Chicago to Cleveland.  As such, it gets a fair amount of rail traffic.
 As I was entering the town, I saw this train slowly moving through it.
 I decided to head east on Ohio Route 18 to catch it a little better but I was shooting into the sun, so not the best picture.
 The abandoned train station.  I'm not sure when this was built but I imagine it was another casualty of the decline of passenger rail.
 I think this tower was built in the 1930's and served until the 1980's.  Currently, trains are dispatched remotely.
 My first shot of a train from the park itself.  I think the rail park in Fostoria is nicer but this park has better shooting opportunities.  This is the main east-west line for CSX.
 Another shot of that engine.
 A westbound Union Pacific engine making its way past the town.
 A BNSF intermodal.
 A closer shot of that.
 The power of quite a few semis.
 Another BNSF engine.  I like this scheme.
 Another CSX engine
 There is also a north-south line that passes through town.  This train was heading from Toledo and the buildings gave me a chance to frame it.
 As it got closer.
 I kind of like the background in the shot.
 And it becomes a westbound train.
 Then there was a train coming from the south.
 It had a Canadian Pacific engine tagging along.
One more shot of the pair.  I will definitely head back here at some point.

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