Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Philip R. Clarke on the St. Clair River

The ships are slowly coming out of their slumber as the solid form of water turns back into its liquid form.  This makes me happy because there is something peaceful about watching the boats.
 I caught up with the Clarke in Algonac.  She was heading up the St. Clair River as the Hollyhock was docking.  This isn't quite where I wanted to catch her though.
 Next I stopped in Marine City.  The Clarke spent her winter laid up in Toledo.  She will start her season by heading up to Two Harbors where she will presumably pick up taconite.  I'm not sure where she is delivering it though.
 Next I went to St. Clair.  This is probably my second favorite spot on the river to catch ships.  You get a fairly long view and a few opportunities to get the three quarters angle.
 Sadly, I was shooting into the sun, so many of my pictures are washed out.
 But they were pretty good when I was shooting with the sun.
 Next up was Marysville.  Last weekend, this would have been covered with ice but a few days over 32 degrees does wonders.  However, I don't think it will be as easy for her when she passes through the Soo Locks.  There is still quite a bit of ice up there.
 A shot of her bow.  I love the looks of the classic lakers.  None of the modern ships can really compete with it.
 And the Clarke is about as classic as you can get.
 She was moving pretty quickly on her trip up the River.  A shot of her bow wake and anchors.
 Another shot of her pilothouse.
 Her depth to keel lines and her load lines.
 Old Glory flying proudly in the breeze.
 A shot of her stern.
 Next was the little park in Port Huron.  I wasn't here long though.
 And then I found myself in the shadow of the Blue Water Bridge.  I'll have to say this is probably my favorite spot to get pictures of ships.
 They have to make a few turns to get into Lake Huron.  That gives opportunities for all kinds of angles.
 She almost gets into a head shot.
 And then the head shot.
 She makes her final turn to enter Lake Huron.
 Framed nicely by the Bridge but she was later acquitted.
 another shot of her under the bridge.
 Looking at the backside of her pilothouse.
 When she's on for the season, she works hard and this picture shows it.
 A shot of her stack.  I found out an interesting tidbit.  When this fleet first started out, the owners wanted to paint the stacks all silver but they had a heck of time keeping the top clean.  So they decided to paint them black.
And she heads out into Lake Huron.

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