Sunday, March 1, 2015

Next Up Grand Haven

Grand Haven is a short jaunt south from Muskegon.  It is usually good for pictures of an ice covered lighthouse.
 Prior to visiting the lighthouse, I had to make a stop at the Pere Marquette 1223.
 Shot from another angle.
 And shot from the front.  This is not an angle you'd want unless you know that the train is stopped as it is in this case.
 Then I went over to the lighthouse.  After seeing the Muskegon lighthouse, I was surprised at the number of people at this lighthouse.  But then again, it seems like there is always a large number of people at this lighthouse.  With the temperatures in the low 20's, it was like a heatwave compared to the weather we've been getting.   Couple that with the presence of the sun and you've got people out lighthousing.
 The lighthouse from another angle.
 From almost straight out.
 I probably could have headed out on the pier but I was in time crunch.
 A shot of the channel.  I couldn't believe how frozen over it was.
One more shot before moving on.

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